Why and how we built Revagenix

Our mission at Revagenix is to create life-changing antibiotics. That means:

  • Assembling a highly driven, and versatile team with deep insights into the space, an ownership mentality, and decades of experience in anti-infective research, development, and commercialization.
  • Applying first-principles to drug design—engineering our molecules and business plans holistically to address an evolving epidemiological, clinical, and economic landscape.
  • Ultimately delivering to the global anti-infective pipeline a set of highly differentiated agents that address critical unmet medical needs in attractive healthcare settings.
History & Collaborations

Since the inception of Revagenix in 2019, we’ve been executing and delivering on our mission. We built a world-class team supported by renowned public and private organizations, and we continue to engage new employees, advisors, and collaborators passionate about solving the AMR crisis. Powered by this network of talent, our promising pipeline is advancing rapidly.

The Revagenix team works tirelessly to deliver life-changing antimicrobials to patients who need them today and tomorrow.  But we know we can’t do it alone. The toughest healthcare challenges can only be solved through innovation and collaboration by a spectrum of stakeholders — including industry, investors, agencies, regulators, and policymakers.